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2019 Spring Registration 


(Tee Ball, Rookies, Minors, Majors & Babe Ruth)


Tee Ball

Tee Ball is for boys and girls, league age 4 to 5 years old. Also those that are league age 6 that have not played baseball (Tball) before LL 2019 Baseball Age Chart They will meet every Saturday morning with a start time of 9am starting 4/27/19 for about 8 weeks. The players will be following a great program that builds a foundation for basic skills, sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the game through various drills, games, and activities.

Registration for Tee Ball is $50


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Rookies (Coach/Modify Kid pitch) is for boys and girls* league age 6 to 8** years old, LL 2019 Baseball Age Chart . Any league age 6 yr olds that have not played Baseball(Tball) before this spring should play one season in the Tball level. They will meet twice per week Monday through Friday with a start time at 5:30. The first meeting of the week will be skills/practice, and the second meeting will be a game. The season will start the week of 4/22 and run for about 8 or 9 weeks, ending with the public school year. The program for the Rookie Level focuses on the fundamentals of baseball and is designed to build a solid foundation for becoming a successful baseball player.

Early registration for Rookies is $85 through 2/15, after which it will increase to $105.


*      Girls are welcome to play in the Rookies league, but most opt to play coach-pitch softball.

**   League age 8 year olds are also eligible for the Minors level, but MUST attend a mandatory tryout. 


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The Minors Level is meant for boys and girls league ages 8* thru 11,   LL 2019 Baseball Age Chart. This level is a competitive level with focus still on developing the players baseball skills. This level will have competitively scheduled games with a playoff for a champion at the end of the season. Practices will be scheduled by the Manager of the team if/when time and space will allow. This is an all kid pitch level.

*- All league age 8 year olds will need to take part in a tryout/evaluation to determine if their baseball skill level is strong enough to play in the minors. If its determined that their baseball skill level is not strong enough they will be placed on a Rookie level team.

All league age 9-11 year old players will need to take part in an evaluation as all players at this level will be drafted by the managers of the teams.  

Early registration for Minors is $100 through 12/31, after which it will increase to $120. Late Fee of $20 added on 2/15.

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The Majors Level is meant for boys and girls ages 10 thru 12,LL 2019 Baseball Age Chart. This is a competitive level with scheduled competitive games with a playoff at the end of the season to determine a champion. Practices will be scheduled by the managers of the team if/when space and time will allow.

All returning Majors players will need to participate in an evaluation as the Managers of the teams will draft the teams.

Any player that has not been on a Majors roster before this season will need to participate in a tryout/evaluation. Any player that is not drafted onto a Majors team will be placed in the Minors draft pool and be drafted onto a Minors team.

Early registration for Majors is $100 through 12/31, after which it will increase to $120. Late Fee of $20 added on 2/15.


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Babe Ruth

Watertown Babe Ruth is dedicated to the youth of Watertown league ages 13-15, Babe Ruth 2019 Age Chart. to provide a great place to play baseball at a competitive level while developing your skills. We pride ourselves on the ability to cater to both the casual and advanced player by providing a structured, competitive environment where all can grow as players. Players of all abilities can play.

The Spring Season will run from about early April to mid June including playoffs. Teams will each play approximately 12-15 games plus playoff games. We will have 3 travel teams that will play against teams from Belmont, Medford, Bedford, Lexington, Winchester, Somerville and Arlington. Plus other towns. 

A Hard cut off date to register is February 1st, 2019.

The registration will be set to wait list after 15 paid registered players. Once another 15 paid registered players are registered we will wait list again until the next 15 paid players and so on.

Registration cost for Babe ruth is $120


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